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Volunteering your time on your terms.

Good Gym = Good Fun

What is Good Gym? About a year ago I heard about this great initiative - an opportunity to get fit while ticking off your 'good deed' for the week. I immediately decided that I needed to get a piece of... Continue Reading →


In search of micro-volunteering…

I am a busy person. I work full time, spend several hours a day on commuting, go to the gym, meet up with friends, feed my two cats, watch the occasional movie.... I don't have a lot of time to... Continue Reading →


If the idle processing power of computers can be used for achieving a greater goal, so can the time people spend on procrastination, commuting, standing in queues, staring at nonsensical status updates on Facebook... One of the first people to come up... Continue Reading →

Computers can volunteer flexibly, why not people?

SETI@home is one of the best-known distributed computing projects in the world. It is an internet-based public volunteer computing project, hosted by the Space Sciences Laboratory, at the University of Berkley. The purpose of this project is to analyse radio signals, searching... Continue Reading →

Volunteering Sauce

The kind of volunteering I'll be looking at is a mutually beneficial relationship that adds value to the life of the volunteer as well as helps the charity offering the opportunity to reach their goals. If it doesn't help both parties, it doesn't qualify.... Continue Reading →

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