The kind of volunteering I’ll be looking at is a mutually beneficial relationship that adds value to the life of the volunteer as well as helps the charity offering the opportunity to reach their goals. If it doesn’t help both parties, it doesn’t qualify.

Charities and non-profit organisations need more volunteers to help with their work than ever before. At the same time people today are super busy and have a million other things to do besides volunteering. This does not necessarily mean that they don’t want to volunteer – the opportunities simply aren’t packaged in a way that suits them.

Herein lies the challenge to the charities…

How to offer meaningful opportunities for people to volunteer their time at 2am in the morning when sleep is eluding them? How to help volunteers develop the skills they really need if they can only offer up three random days a year? How to get the entire families involved and still get enough work done?

Many charities are already providing numerous opportunities like these. This blog is going to look at the existing opportunities and see how the charities are connecting with the groups of people who consider volunteering if it is offered in a more flexible and accessible manner. How to mobilize these new resources?